choosing the perfect electric range

When choosing an electric range for your kitchen, you will have many, many options. There are three main types of electric ranges for you to choose from. Do you know what they are? I created this blog after spending months researching different products and choosing the perfect range for my kitchen. I wanted a stove that would be efficient, nice looking and that would last several years with very little maintenance. It is my hope that my months of research will help you find the range for your kitchen with fewer steps and less time in the decision making process.

A Few Things To Take With You When Appliance Shopping


A stove, refrigerator, washing machine and all the other major appliances in your home make your life easier in so many ways. When one of them goes on the fritz, trying to keep your life running as normal is difficult. While it might be easy to use a microwave for cooking, constantly buying ice to keep perishable foods from spoiling, or hand washing clothes in the bathtub is money- and time-consuming. Of course, sometimes you must suffer for a few days while coming up with the money to replace an appliance. To be sure you purchase the best appliance for your money, there are a few things you need to take with you when you go shopping.

A Tape Measure

While the literature that comes with the appliance will have the overall dimensions listed, that is not all you need to know. Sometimes, the dimensions are for the main part of the unit and do not include small things like door handles or feet. Even if the adjustable feet are all the way down, the added ½ inch may make the refrigerator too tall to fit under the cabinets. You want to be sure that there is enough room to open any doors too. It would be a shame to bring home a new oven and range to find out that when you open the range door, you have to stand on the side of it because the open door almost hits the opposite counter.

A Detailed Map of Your Home

Even when the appliance will fit into the room well, you still have to get it there. You do not want to have to take out a door or window frame to get the new dryer into the laundry room because the doorway is too narrow. Make a drawing of the route to where the new appliance will be. Make sure you measure the exact spacing of doorways. There is a small piece of wood inside the frame that keeps the door from pulling completely through the frame. This can get in the way when moving something through it.

Taking these three things with you when appliance shopping is important if you do not want to suffer from buyer's remorse. If you get the unit home and realize you need something different, you will have to call for the company to come pick it back up, this may not be the same day. You then have to go out shopping again and live without the new appliance until you can get a replacement for the new one. 

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17 September 2015