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When choosing an electric range for your kitchen, you will have many, many options. There are three main types of electric ranges for you to choose from. Do you know what they are? I created this blog after spending months researching different products and choosing the perfect range for my kitchen. I wanted a stove that would be efficient, nice looking and that would last several years with very little maintenance. It is my hope that my months of research will help you find the range for your kitchen with fewer steps and less time in the decision making process.

Do You Frequently Host Parties? Look For These Qualities In A Fridge And Oven


If you frequently host house parties, you probably use your refrigerator and oven in a different way than someone who is rarely home or never has people over. You must keep this in mind when choosing a new refrigerator and oven. Here are qualities to look for in each, to ensure the appliances you purchase serve you well as you host your gatherings.

Your Refrigerator Should...

Have a beverage rack on the door.

One of the hardest parts of hosting a party can be keeping enough beverages cool for everyone. If the fridge you choose has a dedicated rack on the door to accommodate cans as well as wine and soda bottles, you won't have to worry about shuffling around your food to ensure the beverages fit.

Include a large ice container.

An automatic ice maker is essential, but make sure you look past the ice maker and also look at the size of the compartment that holds the ice. Some are quite small -- if you are hosting parties, you need the biggest one you can find. Some refrigerators have a customization option of a larger ice container; take this if it is offered.

Be a double-door model.

When one guest is trying to squeeze in to grab a beer while you're also trying to get out the condiments for the meal, it's nice if several people can access the fridge at the same time. A double-door model makes this possible.

Your Oven Should...

Be a stackable, double-oven model.

When you're cooking for a crowd, a single oven is rarely enough, since various dishes need to cook at different temperatures. A double oven is a party host's dream.

Have a time bake setting.

This is a setting that allows you to set a timer for a certain period of time, knowing that at the end of that time, the oven will turn off. This is so useful when you're running around and getting ready for a party. You don't have to worry about overcooking the food because you got distracted by other tasks, since the oven will turn off automatically.

Have a broiler.

So many delicious party dishes, including garlic bread, shish-kabobs, and cooked shrimp appetizers, are generally prepared under the broiler. If you are tempted to buy an oven without this feature, think again. When you're browsing recipes for your next party, you'll be glad you have the equipment to make the broiled ones.

If you ensure the appliances you choose have the features above, hosting parties should be easier and more enjoyable. Contact a company like Gringer & Sons Inc for more help.


21 September 2015