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When choosing an electric range for your kitchen, you will have many, many options. There are three main types of electric ranges for you to choose from. Do you know what they are? I created this blog after spending months researching different products and choosing the perfect range for my kitchen. I wanted a stove that would be efficient, nice looking and that would last several years with very little maintenance. It is my hope that my months of research will help you find the range for your kitchen with fewer steps and less time in the decision making process.

Caring For Supermarket Refrigeration Cases


Your small grocery store is likely a bustling place each day and you have a lot of things to monitor at any moment. The supermarket refrigeration cases that line your walls quietly work every your store is open, but that doesn't mean they can be ignored. In fact, good supermarket case maintenance keeps the machines on and customers happy. Task your employees with the following case-related work.

Washing and Wiping Down the Glass

A simple task which isn't always given enough attention is to make sure that the glass is clear enough for customers. When's the last time someone cleaned the glass of your refrigeration cases? If no recent memory comes to mind, it's time that you schedule this work regularly. At least once a week someone should be wiping both sides of the glass doors on each case. This is even more vital when one of the doors has a "smoky" appearance due to condensation that may have formed after being opened and closed so much. 

Inspect Door Gaskets

Regular inspection of the refrigeration can often be important. In particular, the rubber gaskets (seals) which line each door should be watched for signs that they're deteriorating or ripping. Have employees periodically inspect the gaskets specifically; finding any damage early is key. Replacement of faulty gaskets ensures that cold air isn't able to seep out and refrigeration temperatures can be kept at appropriate levels.  

Locate Replacement Parts

Waiting until a refrigeration case has a problem is itself a problem. You should take time to locate replacement parts now can allow you to avoid frantic searches later and prevent overpaying for items just because you need them immediately. Sourcing refrigeration case products can be done by asking peers, looking online and visiting retailers nearby. Of course, finding parts is just the beginning; you can compare costs and different shipping times to know where you can find good deals.

Remember to also find glass companies that can repair cracks and other glass issues. Not every glass company works on refrigerator case glass, so investigating glass companies now, before a glass door cracks, is wise.

Refrigeration cases are vital to any supermarket or grocery store. Heed these suggestions and ask employees to help you remain vigilant with case monitoring so problems are tackled right away. Enlist retailers, glass companies and electricians to also help you with refrigeration case maintenance and care so major problems won't happen. Visit a site like for more help.


8 December 2017