choosing the perfect electric range

When choosing an electric range for your kitchen, you will have many, many options. There are three main types of electric ranges for you to choose from. Do you know what they are? I created this blog after spending months researching different products and choosing the perfect range for my kitchen. I wanted a stove that would be efficient, nice looking and that would last several years with very little maintenance. It is my hope that my months of research will help you find the range for your kitchen with fewer steps and less time in the decision making process.

Tips For Buying A New Air Conditioner When You Only Need To Cool One Room


Sometimes, a small air conditioner is all you need. You may only want your bedroom to be nice and cool so you can sleep well at night. You can save money by keeping your central unit off as much as possible and just use a small window or portable unit in your bedroom. Here are some tips for buying a new air conditioner from an appliance store.

Measure Your Room First

It's important to know the size of your room in square feet. When you look at air conditioners, they are rated according to how much power they have and how many square feet they can cool. You don't want to buy an air conditioner that is too small because you'll waste power running it and you'll still be uncomfortable. An air conditioner that is too large may seem like a good deal, especially if you find one on sale, but if it overpowers your room, you can be too cold to sleep well.

Choose Between A Window Or Floor Unit

While a window unit can be portable too, moving one from room to room is not really practical if you need to do it often. The units are heavy, and they may have water in the back that spills and makes a mess when you move them. Also, you'll have to pull away the insulation and weatherstripping, and that might rip it and make it difficult to get a good seal unless you buy new materials every time you move the unit. A better idea if you want portability is to buy a floor air conditioner. These are on wheels and can be moved from room to room much easier. You could place it in the living room while you watch television and then move it to your bedroom at night. These sit on the floor but they must still be vented to the outside, so you'll need to move the vent hose and attachment each time, but that is much easier than moving a window unit.

Compare Features

Window and floor air conditioners come with a variety of features that affect the price. Some nice features include remote control, energy savings that automatically cycle the unit on and off, a timer, so the unit turns off after you've been sleeping a set time and a light that reminds you to clean the filter after a certain number of hours. Some units even have the ability to work as a heater during the winter.

One of these small air conditioners could help you lower your utility bills while staying comfortable at the same time. They're ideal when you don't need to keep your entire house cool in the summer. 


4 March 2018